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The Rigarus Construction team consists of highly qualified staff with the tower building, construction, and technological expertise required to provide a reliable full turn-key communication site. We can handle the entire process from inception to installation. Our technicians, foremen, and field personnel work with all types of towers and rooftop installations in a variety of industries.

Design and Build

Design and Build


Rigarus follows a tried and tested process that we have developed over years of successful projects. Our clients know that our process is why we are so reliable.

Tower supply

Tower Supply & Installation


Our Design & Build process ensures we can custom build your tower for you to exacting specifications. We can supply a tower structure specific to your requirements as we work with the leading manufacturers in the industry. Once your tower is designed, we have the expertise to install that tower so you can use it for years to come. With Rigarus Construction the reliability comes built in.


Equipment & Testing


We can supply and install antenna and microwave equipment for your communication needs. Our years of experience have helped us source the best suppliers. We are also available for testing of any existing equipment you may already have.

Civil Construction

Civil Construction



With years of construction experience and a highly skilled team, we offer Civil Construction services with the same reliable service you’ve come to expect from us. We are your dependable partners for foundations, road work, excavation, trenching and other infrastructure projects. A quick call or email to our sales team can help you with engineering and design questions.

Tower Maintenace

Tower Maintenance



Even the most reliably built tower needs to be maintained. Rigarus can perform the tower maintenance you need to help maximize the tower’s lifespan, but also help maximize the financial investment of the structure and equipment. Rigarus follows industry best practices and can perform maintenance as required by CSA-S37.

Tower Reinforcement

Tower Reinforcing



Rigarus Construction can reinforce your existing tower or foundation to provide additional capacity. Reinforcing an existing tower will save new construction costs, network downtime, and construction time.

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Technical Services


Our highly trained team can help you with the following technical services:


  • Transport/Network/Alarm Monitoring Equipment Installation (DSX, Cisco, T-Lan, etc.)
  • Wireless network Equipment Installation
  • Equipment testing and commissioning, removal
  • Coaxial/Hybrid (fiber & DC)/Ethernet Cable Installation on towers or buildings
  • Microwave Equipment Installation
  • Fibre Optic Installation, Termination and Testing (OTDR)
  • Building/Cabinet Infrastructure Installation (Equipment Racks, Overhead cable rack, Fibre Optic/ETH Tray Systems, Demarcation Boards, etc.)
  • Optical transmission equipment and systems
  • DC power equipment, batteries, and grounding equipment

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Employing highly talented and motivated individuals is a focal point of our business. We are eager to invite qualified candidates to join our team-based work environment focusing on employee development, leadership, and safety.