The Management of Rigarus Construction is vitally interested in the health and safety of its employees and is committed to providing a safe work environment. To ensure this, we have established, and continue to maintain, a Procedures Manual on Health and Safety. Working safely is a condition of employment at Rigarus Construction.

We recognize that the responsibility for health and safety is shared. Everyone in the company, as well as sub-contractors, must be dedicated to the reduction, elimination and/or control of all foreseeable hazards within our facility and on our work sites.  Each employee receives training and is responsible for working safely in compliance with accepted safe work practices, procedures and legislated health and safety standards.

All employees are required to report unsafe equipment and machinery conditions to their supervisor, and recognize that such equipment must not be used until repaired or replaced.

A Workplace Health and Safety Committee, consisting of management and employee representatives, meets regularly and actively makes recommendations to improve health, safety and working conditions at Rigarus Construction. Committee members meet as required, maintain minutes of meetings and actively participate in accident and incident prevention and investigations.

This policy will be reviewed and revised as required.


Paul E. Panagapka,

President, Rigarus Construction Inc.